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Palmer Wireless, Becker Industrial Park. Awarded $151,934 to deploy 3.4 miles of fiber passing 21 underserved businesses in the Becker Industrial Park (city of Becker) as well as to 12 vacant city-owned lots covering 70 acres. In addition, one of the vacant lots is the future site of the Northstar station. The total project costs are $303,870; the remaining $151,936 (50 percent local match) will be provided by Palmer Wireless via a line of credit.

Community and Economic Development Impact: Superfast broadband improves the performance of existing firms, enables new businesses to emerge and encourages flexible working patterns – all positives for business and workforce needs now and into the future. Improving broadband service to the industrial park was the No. 1 priority for Becker based on a local broadband survey of residents and business owners.